Here at Camber Consulting we aim to build and re-develop properties to achieve the most energy-efficient homes possible using modern construction techniques and technologies, creating stylish homes for the families of today.

We incorporate many principles when developing sites to ensure that not only are new homes highly energy efficient, but also wonderful places to live. Building with sustainability at our core ensures these homes are designed to last, providing homes for many generations to come. This includes being sensitive to the nature of our surroundings, wherever they may be, allowing us to design houses that are strikingly modern yet still in-keeping with their environment.

Some of the technologies we have used in our most recent projects include; air-source heat pumps, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR), highly efficient wood burning stoves, top quality timber frame windows, solar heating tubes and external insulation ensure these homes will continue to be inexpensive to run, vastly reducing pressures from rising fuel bills! All of these technologies combined means that all homes that we construct have some of the best U-values for new builds across the country.



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  1. Jason says:

    Camber is great area…properties look fantastic

    1. Thank you Jason – its great to be appreciated – and now by an international audience!

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