Who Are We?


Here at Camber Consulting we have a vision of building sustainable homes for the future. We strive to provide highly energy efficient house by using the most up to date building techniques and incorporating new technologies to make homes that are stunning to live in and inexpensive to run. We want all of the homes that we build to be sensitive to the environment in which they are constructed and endeavour to only enhance their natural surroundings.

We are constantly looking for new and proven technologies that will help us achieve our aim of building  long lasting homes with minimal impact on their surroundings. In our most recent projects we have incorporated modern technologies such as; thermally efficient timber frame windows, MVHR air source heat pumps, solar tubes, highly efficient wood burning stoves and super insulation methods, both internal and external. This has resulted with beautiful homes with some of the best U-values and air-tightness scores available, as well as some of the best EPC ratings for new builds around the country.

Another core principle of the companies operations is to use locally sourced products and trades wherever we can. For all projects that we undertake, we will always strive to use everything possible from the local area, allowing them to truly become a part of their natural surroundings. This is vital for us as we want to always be enhancing the environment in which we work, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by using local expertise and products.

As well as telling you about how we work as a company, we want to take the time to introduce ourselves to you. So here are a few words about us, we are only a small team so would like to give you the opportunity to get know us a bit better.

Company Directors

Michael Peters

“I have worked in Education for more that 30 years, as a teacher, director of Education and an independent adviser to the government. I am passionate about the next generation and ensuring we get things right first time. We strongly believe that more great homes should be developed, using the best technologies available not only to provide fantastic living spaces, but ensuring we minimise our footprint on the planet.”

Contact Michael on;
E: michael@camberconsulting.me

T: +44 (0) 7887804999

Juliet Peters

“For many years I have been refurbishing and updating properties across the country including London, Yorkshire, Cornwall and Sussex. I always strive to improve both the form and function of properties whilst maintaining their homely feel and individual characters. As things have developed it has become increasingly important to me that, whatever I do to homes, I ensure that they will provide sustainable and efficient spaces that will continue to provide homes for the future without compromising our fantastic natural environment”

E: juliet@camberconsulting.me

T: +44 (0) 7904957352

Business Development Manager

Robin Peters

“I joined the company in the role of Business Development Manager after moving from Cornwall where I had been general manager at a now very successful restaurant. I spent 8 years with the restaurant turning it from an average restaurant to one of the industries leaders for its segment. Along the way I have learned many vital business skills that allow me to effectively manage a successful company.  I have grown up around house renovations and have always held a keen interest in the latest projects around the houses, knowing that as soon as it was finished we would be off to the next one. Whilst in Cornwall, my partner and I managed to buy our first family home, and we took on a project house, which like Michael and Juliet, we renovated over time and sold on just as we finished.  I am extremely excited to be joining the company and am looking forward to being involved in the on-going and forthcoming projects.”

E: robin@camberconsulting.me

T: +44 (0) 7921267827

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