The Dunes and Lumleys

The Dunes and Lumleys were the first new build development undertaken by Camber Consulting after receiving NHBC certification. The site was originally two plots that had been combined into one and had one very dilapidated¬† house straddling both. This house was demolished and mostly salvaged for re-use in other properties. The project was completed in October 2016. Both homes were built to extremely high standards and are now both in regular use. Lumleys is now a holiday cottage and is available through Both properties offer stylish and flexible accommodation, easily tailorable to the owners’ desires. The homes are situated a stones throw from the magnificent beach and dunes of Camber Sands, in a quiet and secluded residential area. This development has helped to set a new precedent for the village, being some of the premier houses in the area and improving the visual qualities of their street and the village as a whole.


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