May Croft Full Refurbishment

Over the past year Camber Consulting has been managing a full scale refurbishment of a 5 bedroom detached property in East Sussex. Over the course of this project we have overseen the design process, to take an outdated property in a very desirable area, and turn this into an extremely desirable coastal property.

This project has been centered around creating a more efficient and contemporary space, that will best suit the owners needs. This has been achieved using a combination of methods and materials which have not only improved the aesthetics of the property, but greatly improved its efficiency and ability to retain heat.

The project consisted of the demolition of an existing conservatory to the rear of the property, which has been replaced with a large single storey extension incorporating a new conservatory. This has used high performance windows with UV filters to create a space which is usable all year round. the new extension allowed for the creation of an enlarged balcony above, with private staircase leading to and from the rear garden. On top of enlarging the balcony to the rear, a new balcony was added to the front of the property, allowing 4 of the 5 bedrooms to have access to raised outside seating areas.

All of the windows in the property have been replaced, with brand new timber frame, double glazed units, which not only enhance the visual appeal of the property, but perform better too, meaning less thermal energy is lost through the openings.

As well as replacing all windows, the whole building has been wrapped with an extra 100mm of external insulation. the building was originally rendered to the first floor with hanging tiles above to roof height. Once the tiles were removed, the insulation was added and render applied on top, again keeping this to first floor level and feather-edged weatherboarding to roof height.

The project also included removing the entire roof and replacing the existing concrete tiles with slate and adding extra insulation to the inside of the roof space, again to improve thermal efficiency. During the remodelling of the roof, two new roof lights were added to bring natural light into the centre of the property and primarily the staircase, to create a bright open feel.

The project also included a complete renovation of the internal spaces and their arrangement which has created a better flow throughout the property. The kitchen has been completely modernised with new built in cupboards and appliances under a stunning white quartz work surface. This space has also been opened up into the new rear extension, creating a seemless flow from kitchen to informal dining/living area, overlooking the rear garden. Included in the new rear extension was the addition of a high performance wood burning stove, which, thanks to the super insulating methods used, is now able to act as the primary heating source for the property, a must when in an area with no mains gas! The sitting room and formal dining room have been made over to create a more modern feeling space.

To the first floor, the large landing cupboard has been removed to make this space less cramped and brighter, as well as improving access to all rooms from the landing. A modern bathroom replaced tired old units and a more open feel despite being the same size as before.

The refurbishment has completely transformed the property into one of the most desirable beach houses in the area, and the owners could not be more pleased with how things have turned out. They have achieved everything they wanted out of the property and are extremely pleased to report that their energy bills have almost halved since the completion of the project earlier in the year.

From this:

May Croft before 1May Croft before 2

To This:


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